A Great Story that Made an Impact

My dad was 54 when he had me. He had a gentle nature, and as a kid, I followed him around our garden after he got home from work. He grew delicious vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, squash, and my favorite artichokes. As he tended the garden, he also answered all my questions about life and shared stories to make a point or teach a lesson.

One story he shared was about a reporter who was assigned to watch the landing of the Hindenburg. I guess the reporter didn’t feel like watching another zeppelin landing, so he skipped it and reported back to the office that it went well. Of course, it didn’t, and the publisher lost credibility and their reputation by reporting a smooth landing the next day. My pop chuckled that the reporter thought he got away with something by skipping out on the event.

I learned at a young age that your word is everything. If you say you’re going to do something, it’s important that you follow through on your commitment.

Lee Iacocca’s father said when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, then you’ve had a great life. It may be old fashion, but I think it’s still true today. Having good friends is rare and quite special; friends that have your best interest, friends that you can count on, and friends that are good for their word.

Our relationships are built on transparency and consistent follow-through. It’s our core value and who we are as people, and it’s what drives us every day. We jump through hoops to meet our customers’ objectives under demanding circumstances and deadlines. Meeting these expectations when it’s difficult, is when it matters most. A client recently said, “You delivered quicker and faster than a much larger organization. We need you to continue doing your magic”. It’s during those times that we build deep and lasting relationships.

As we come up on our 14-year anniversary, we reflect on the relationships that we’ve built and the friends that we made and we’re grateful.

How to Turn a Wall Display into an Interactive Kiosk

Project Overview

A medicine alumni association approached us about creating an interactive kiosk for their graduate and resident award recipients. Black & white images dating back to 1988 hung on a wall featuring awardees in one of their main buildings. Each year they recognize their best and brightest physicians, including one of California’s first Surgeon Generals.

Understanding Goals

Our first step was to understand their goals for the effort. The director wanted something beyond just a wall of portraits and tasked us to create an engaging and dynamic platform that was both interactive and informative. We jumped at the chance.

Clear Objectives

After several conversations, we visited the location of the kiosk to better understand the context. It was located in an area of the building that had great exposure to important offices and meeting rooms. We wanted to use the location to draw people into the space with a lively display.

Engaging Functionality

With these concepts in mind, we created a wireframe to present to the client. It visually outlined functionality that utilized icons that allowed users to query award recipients based on three criteria: type, year, and alphabetical listings.

Overcoming Challenges

The platform was new with unknown compatibility and functionality. We needed to create digital images from dated photographs and developed base copy for physician biographies to build the database. Finally, blending the platform and the database to make a fully functional interactive display. We addressed these challenges through diagnostic testing and troubleshooting.

Adding Value

The finished product is a highly visual Interactive interface within branding standards. It also includes loop animation that features award recipients, icons to query awardees, information about award criteria and an ability to nominate candidates.

About Us

ZOOM Media is a marketing production agency specializing in campaign development and implementation. Our services include project management, integrated marketing, and digital outreach. For more information contact Janet Osterdock at janet@zoommedia.agency or 916-939-8025.

Awards kiosk

USPS processing of handcrafted and 3D Cards

Grandma Bev was creative and full of delightful cheer. For years, she sent Holiday cards in 3-dimensional handcrafted envelopes, using shipping materials and trinkets that she collected. She lived near the water, and many of the cards had a boathouse theme. Here’s Captain Lou, Bev’s husband, and his Delta Tours.


My favorite envelope is the snow globe that extends 2” from the face of the envelope. Grandpa Lou is Santa Claus and Grandma Bev is Mrs. Claus in her wheelchair. 23-years from the day she mailed the cards, it still snows when you shake it.

As a USPS Mail Design Professional, I’m amazed that her envelopes processed through the USPS system and how well these precious keepsakes stayed intact. I think her note to the mail carrier did the trick:  “Hi there, Mailperson. Have a good day!”

We all need a Grandma Bev in our lives. Especially during this time of COVID.  She reminds me that it’s the little things in life that count and the kindness we extend to each other.

Join us in celebrating Grandma Bev’s joy this Holiday Season!

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus

Haas School of Business Graduate Joins ZOOM Media

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business graduate, Adam Osterdock, joins ZOOM Media as Director of Business Development where he focuses on the integration of social, digital, and print media implementation in marketing campaigns. He rejoined ZOOM directly after graduating from Haas School of Business, where he earned the Cal Alumni Leadership Award and represented UC Berkeley at multiple international business competitions. In his spare time, he volunteers by teaching workshops at the local community college on small business development and business-case analysis.

Adam will help develop ZOOM’s programs to navigate our clients changing needs in a COVID-19 world. His approach is comprehensive and unique to each client.

Please join us in welcoming Adam to ZOOM Media with a shout-out, or contact him directly at Adam@zoommedia.agency or (925) 478-9009. Adam brings a world-class education and fresh perspective to the team and to the Sacramento region.”

Janet Osterdock, President and CEO

This is the way we do business!

Manish Khurana, Chief Information Officer at Clinica Sierra Vista contacted me recently about Epic Referral optimization project. Manish had a backlog of approximately 20,000 physician referrals that were about to expire and needed help communicating this information to patients. A few hours later, I joined Manish and his team for a videoconference to assess the situation.


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