Fun Home Integration!

We’re big fans of Apple products and have been very loyal to the brand; iPhones, tablets, laptops, and desktops – oh my, even Apple TV’s. Over the years we’ve been tempted to introduce other manufacturers. The Samsung phone with wrap around screen tickled my fancy.
I’m glad we were loyal! Recently, Dennis programmed our Apple TV using his iPhone, and last night we watched a movie from the internet that was playing on an iPhone and mirrored to the television. Sure beats, paying Amazon $3 for one episode to complete a season from of one of our fave series – and, 4K is amazing.

As earlier adopters of cross-media, we have a lot of experience in marketing integration. Interfacing technologies, software and platforms is often clunky, even under the best circumstances. I bet you get my drift!
If you have an iPhone and Apple TV, check out mirror functionality. It’s super easy and fun –  and, adds value to your home life.

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