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ARE YOU READY TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR MARKETING GAME?Say hello to Janet Osterdock, our incredible marketing guru! With her years of experience and innovative approaches, she’s the driving force behind our team’s success.

Marketing expert Janet Osterdock

We are not a typical marketing agency. Our approach sets us apart as we manage all aspects of client work at the director-level.

President and CEO

HERE AT ZOOM MEDIA, WE’RE ALL ABOUT CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. We don’t settle for mediocre—we’re on a mission to make your marketing shine. We’ll dive into every detail, shake up the status quo, and pour over data until we’ve nailed it. Our goal? To create campaigns that exceed your expectations.

But we’re not just about results; we’re about making a difference. We’re proud to say we’re eco-conscious, weaving sustainability into everything we do. So when you work with us, you’re not just getting top-notch marketing—you’re supporting a greener, brighter future.

What’s new? Our commitment to education and storytelling has led us to micro-videos. From start to finish, we’re developing instructional videos that make a difference.

People producing a video.

I have worked with ZOOM Media for over a decade. Developing and launching campaigns relies on great ideas, efficiency, and communication. Because of their service, we are sharing compelling stories.

Associate Vice President of Advancement

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