Work hard

With a heart for service and a commitment to excellence, we invest our heart and soul into reaching your goals. Because your success is our success.

Meet the faces behind ZOOM Media

Janet Osterdock - Senior Project Manager
Dennis Osterdock - General Manager
Jan Croom - Creative Director
Susan Spreitzer - Technical Director

We know how to have fun! Whether it’s Janet and her adorable pups, Dennis cruising in his car, or our team taking a break in the Airstream, we believe in savoring life’s adventures.

Airstream vehicle
Airstream vehicle

Play hard

Janet and pups
Dennis' car

Give back

ZOOM Media isn’t just about business; it’s about giving back to the community that supports us. Volunteering, donating, mentoring, and sharing—we find purpose in making a positive impact on the world around us.

Join us on this journey.

ZOOM Media

ZOOM Media