USPS processing of handcrafted and 3D Cards

Grandma Bev was creative and full of delightful cheer. For years, she sent Holiday cards in 3-dimensional handcrafted envelopes, using shipping materials and trinkets that she collected. She lived near the water, and many of the cards had a boathouse theme. Here’s Captain Lou, Bev’s husband, and his Delta Tours.


My favorite envelope is the snow globe that extends 2” from the face of the envelope. Grandpa Lou is Santa Claus and Grandma Bev is Mrs. Claus in her wheelchair. 23-years from the day she mailed the cards, it still snows when you shake it.

As a USPS Mail Design Professional, I’m amazed that her envelopes processed through the USPS system and how well these precious keepsakes stayed intact. I think her note to the mail carrier did the trick:  “Hi there, Mailperson. Have a good day!”

We all need a Grandma Bev in our lives. Especially during this time of COVID.  She reminds me that it’s the little things in life that count and the kindness we extend to each other.

Join us in celebrating Grandma Bev’s joy this Holiday Season!

Santa Claus and Mrs Claus

6 responses to “USPS processing of handcrafted and 3D Cards”

  1. “Grandma Bev” was my mom. My inlaws used to use her envelopes to decorate their home at Christmas. They were special to all. Keep in mind, they would send out almost 50 cards every year!

    • O M G, that’s a lot of work! I’m happy to know Kathryn and her lovely family. I see the incredible spirit weaved throughout the family, and I’m blessed to know. Happy Holidays!

  2. When I was away at college, she sent me some beautiful envelopes. I still have everyone because they are special treasures. She was such a kind, creative and thoughtful woman.

    • That must have been a wonderful gift to receive. The details are incredible and the creativity outstanding. I feel like I know her. Thank you, Peggy, for your dear comments. Happy Holidays, Janet

  3. I remember the cards well, Janet. Bev was a creative & loving person. It was a great feeling to open one & think “someone went to a lot of effort to make these” then be honored that she remembered us after we’d left California, far away from family & friends. Thanks for bringing back a beautiful, heartwarming memory. I’m betting you’re a generous soul also.
    Have a safe & happy holiday season.

    • Thank you for sharing, Cora. I feel like I know her. We need more Grandma Bev’s in this world, and my hope is that her legacy inspires others to invest in each other with such kindness. Happy Holidays!

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