How to Turn a Wall Display into an Interactive Kiosk

Project Overview

A medicine alumni association approached us about creating an interactive kiosk for their graduate and resident award recipients. Black & white images dating back to 1988 hung on a wall featuring awardees in one of their main buildings. Each year they recognize their best and brightest physicians, including one of California’s first Surgeon Generals.

Understanding Goals

Our first step was to understand their goals for the effort. The director wanted something beyond just a wall of portraits and tasked us to create an engaging and dynamic platform that was both interactive and informative. We jumped at the chance.

Clear Objectives

After several conversations, we visited the location of the kiosk to better understand the context. It was located in an area of the building that had great exposure to important offices and meeting rooms. We wanted to use the location to draw people into the space with a lively display.

Engaging Functionality

With these concepts in mind, we created a wireframe to present to the client. It visually outlined functionality that utilized icons that allowed users to query award recipients based on three criteria: type, year, and alphabetical listings.

Overcoming Challenges

The platform was new with unknown compatibility and functionality. We needed to create digital images from dated photographs and developed base copy for physician biographies to build the database. Finally, blending the platform and the database to make a fully functional interactive display. We addressed these challenges through diagnostic testing and troubleshooting.

Adding Value

The finished product is a highly visual Interactive interface within branding standards. It also includes loop animation that features award recipients, icons to query awardees, information about award criteria and an ability to nominate candidates.

About Us

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