Who Inspires You?

17-year old Brittany Wenger inspires me! A young woman with a ton of heart that knows no boundaries wins top honors at the 2012 Google Science Fair. Brittany developed a less invasive procedure that detects breast cancer with 99.1% accuracy. Her app uses cloud technology to identify specific behaviors and patterns, well beyond human detection.

Brittany’s mother describes her as a child that never stopped asking questions. Her brother was born premature and she spent many hours in the hospital with her family. It was there, that she began idolizing men and women in scrubs. She also had family and friends with cancer, and more specifically breast cancer – so she learned code at the age of nine and put it to good use.
No matter your age, there are lessons for all of us in Brittany’s tremendous achievement. Google’s Chief Evangelist, Vince Cerf, says it well,  “I don’t want to grow up. I want to be as curious and energetic and willing to try anything I can.”
Brittany is planning to continue her work in the medical community and hopes to become a pediatric oncologist.  You GO GIRL!

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