5 Ways to Reach a Super Mom Who'd Rather Pin

How-to reach super momsIt’s true, Pinterest can be very addicting.  As a busy Mom I find myself perusing recipes, DIY project ideas, and the most amazing activities for the kids.  I often come across a very neat but simple concept and exclaim loudly, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?!”  My favorite pins are those that connect me to totally awesome blogs that I instantly subscribe to so that I may stay connected with all they have to say.  I confess, I can stay up pretty late on occasion, when I have other more pressing things to do, just pinning away.
The world of Pinterest is endless in the sense that once you click on one pin, there’s always another, and another and yet another.  Well, you get the picture.  To me, Pinterest is like having a virtual collection of all my favorite things.  All that I want to reference and someday get back to with the simple click of a button.  Organized, and without the clutter.  It’s a mother’s dream.
Pinterest has become this wonderful place where Mom’s can not only escape, but be inspired.
It is becoming all the craze in marketing, too.  What better way to engage your customers than the one place where they are show casing there interests.  Where they are sharing what catches their eye and what is appealing to them.  What better place to get to know them.
Ana Sneed super mom Kotex caught on in a big way when they launched their “Women’s Inspiration Day” efforts.  They searched the site and isolated 50 female users, examining their pages in order to learn what most interested them.  They sent each woman a personalized care package.  As you can imagine, much excitement ensued.  The ladies were quick to share their surprise and a whole lot of pinning took place.  What an innovative way to spread their message!
On their board, businesses can display pins that lead individuals to go shopping for their products, read reviews and articles, and see how they are involved with the community.  The consumer is instantly more personally connected with the brand.
Women, and Moms for that matter, make up a huge part of the market and reaching them where their heart is happy, in Pinterest land, is ideal.  When tapping into the world of a super mom, the possibilities are endless for advertisers.
To captivate a Mom, hook line and sinker, a marketer’s best bet is to connect with us through our most favorite interests:
1- Cooking/Recipes (Imagine that a picture of the most succulent of dinners leads Mom to the home page of a restaurant she’s never tried, or a cooking show she’s never heard of)
2- Crafts (Here, the cutest bow or handmade dress takes her to an Etsy page, a sewing & crafts retailer, or a hobby magazine.)
3- Home Decor (While learning a chic wall border technique, Mom stumbles upon the paint store that happens to be a few blocks away that she never thought to go into)
4- Losing weight/motivation (Healthy recipes and motivational quotes show Mom the way to a weight loss group, a diet supplement, or an exercise DVD.)
5- Kid friendly activities (a cool project opens her up to a  line of washable art supplies, or a great pre-school )
Now you see that every pretty thing leads Mom somewhere.  And when that somewhere is something she can and will use, well that’s just good business.
As a mother of four, I can attest to the fact that spare time is hard to come by.  So, in the still of the night, when the children are finally asleep and I want nothing more than to browse pretty things.  Pinterest is where you’ll find me.  And, chances are, I’ll be finding more and more companies, services and products there too.
BTW, contact me at [email protected], if you’d like to chat more about targeting super moms. 

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