USPS Mobile Coupon Incentive

USPS Mobile Coupon Mobile Coupon is one of six USPS incentives scheduled this year. While we appreciate the postage incentive, be sure to read the small print. There are disqualifiers that keep mailers from socializing the offer.
Create a direct mail piece as a coupon to be used on products or services only offered to recipients. Offer cannot be offered as a discount or sale price that is applied to all consumers.
Mail piece must contain one of the following:

  • Mobile-print technology such as a 2d barcode, RFID chip, or NFC smart tag.
  • A short number to be used to initiate text message communication. The text message triggers a SMS/EMS or MMS message with a one-time coupon*.
  • Intelligent print image recognition that can be scanned or read by a mobile device linking to a coupon that can be stored on a mobile device.

The coupon must meet both criteria’s:

  • The physical mail piece coupon can be presented at a retail location to receive discount.
  • The print-mobile technology allows the customer to store the coupon on a mobile device, which can be presented at the retail location*.

USPS Incentive Can Mean Big $avings!
Direct Mail Mobile Coupon provides mailers an upfront two percent postage discount on Standard Mail, Non-Profit Standard Mail and First-Class letters, flats and cards (presorted and automation). For large campaigns, this can mean BIG $avings. When I read about this offer, I immediately thought of Bed Bath and Beyond and the thousands of dollars they could save with their existing coupon postcard. 
Effective Period
Direct Mail Mobile Coupon is effective now through April 30, 2013. Mail service providers must register on the USPS Business Customer Gateway via the Incentive Program Service prior to mail entry.
Important Details*
Ineligible Mobile Coupon uses (include but not limited to):

  • Sign up for ongoing email lists or text messages.
  • Enter a contest or sweepstakes.
  • Any link to a non-mobile optimized site.
  • Download and or receive text info such as directions/contact info.
  • Coupon can not be liked or shared on social media (we’re disappointed on this front.)

For mailers who do not have a retail location:

  • The mail piece must contain a code that can be used to receive the discount online or through a call center.
  • A promotion code can be pre-populated or the consumer can populate a promotion code at the online checkout.

Read USPS info on Direct Mail Mobile Coupon

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