USPS Announces 6 Awesome Incentives

USPS incentivesSix USPS promotional campaigns are scheduled this year to incentivize mailers that integrated direct mail with mobile technology. One our faves, for the simplicity, is Click-to-Call. Click to call is a web-based communication tool in which a person initiates a phone call by clicking a button, image or text to connect with another person through voice communication. It can be initiated by hyperlinks on a websites, email, or other internet-connected object including a 2-D barcode.

Simply place a 2-D barcode anywhere on the outside of the mailer, that can be scanned by a mobile device and allows one of the following:

  • The barcode links directly to a mobile optimized website with a click to call link
  • When scanned, the barcode, brings up a phone number automatically in the users phone
  • A link that leads the recipient to a live interaction or the ability to leave a message

USPS Incentive Mean Big $avings!
Click-to-Call provides mailers an upfront two percent postage discount on Standard Mail, Non Profit Standard Mail and First-Class letters, flats and cards (presorted and automation). For large campaigns, this can mean BIG $avings.
Registration Required
Opens January 15, 2013 and will continue through April 30, 2013. Mail service providers must register on the USPS Business Customer Gateway via the Incentive Program Service prior to mail entry.
Come back next week for the 411 on another USPS promotion.

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