5 Important Lessons from New Bloggers

New bloggers, Made From Pinterest, are an overnight success. Now in more than 80 countries and repins in the one to two thousand range, even the most seasoned professionals could learn a thing or two. 

Of course being featured in the Huffington Post home division is a feather many professional bloggers only dream of, but not for Made From Pinterest. Recently featured in HuffPost, sisters Debbie, Tracy, and Sherri were hunted down by the HP’s editorial staff and asked if they could post and connect to their free Super Bowl XLVII printable.

In just a few short months, Made From Pinterest bloggers, have mastered the key to authentic collaboration. Here are five lessons that I’ve learned:
1)   Creating Meaningful Conversation: Creating meaningful content doesn’t mean that you have to create a new conversation. Made From Pinterest uses the highly engaging platform and extends the conversation to their blog. They make stuff from Pinterest  and share their findings with the world.
This is a brilliant concept!
2)    Fresh Content is Key: Almost everyday there’s a new article and I love it. This keeps me coming back and reading more.
Tracy calls this the sticky stuff that keeps your audience engaged.
3)    Make it Personal: Made from Pinterest sisters have large families and they intertwine their everyday lives in their articles. You laugh and cry and reminisce along with them.
There’s intimacy in sharing everyday life.
4)   Keep it Authentic: Their opinions about their tests are authentic. You hear about what they like and what they don’t like. Through this, you learn to trust their judgment and seek their opinions.
You can build trust through authenticity.
5)   Be Passionate: Whatever you do and blog about, be passionate. There’s so much rehashing of information, it’s exhausting to see and the same thing over-and-over. Made from Pinterest sisters love what they do, and you feel they’re energy through their unique storytelling.
Being Passionate is contagious. If you want to get your community excited about something, you better believe in what you’re doing.
If you’re a Pinterest lover, marketing professional, stay-at-home mom, you have to connect with Made From Pinterest – I guarantee you’ll learn something and have fun along the way.
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