Smart Social Networking

The following are social media tips that I read in this weeks Marketing News, written by Sima Dahl. It’s always good to get back to the basics:
1. Think SEO
Keywords matter, especially on LinkedIn. Your profile is not only searchable within LinkedIn but indexed by Google, too. If you are a researcher trying to make a name for yourself in neuroscience, be sure that the word neuroscience and all related terms appear with a high propensity in your profile. Start at the very top with your headline, summary, and specialities.
2. Think Share
Sharing information is a powerful way to attract targeted attention to your profile. You can share information in any number of ways: your LinkedIn or Facebook status, your Tweets, your Facebook wall and so on. Any place you have the opportunity to contribute content or share information is an opportunity to reinforce your personal brand position.
3. Think Subtle (I love this one~)
Remember that a little self-promotion goes a long way. Braggers are equally if not more annoying online than they are in person, perhaps because it is difficult to read humor or intention in short posts and status updates. If you view social networking as a pulpit to promote yourself or your business, you’re missing out. Savvy networkers know that conversation precedes conversion. Aim to chat, not sell.
Happy SM!

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