The customer has changed…

Many of us think that the recession and recent changes in consumer behavior is temporary. Don’t get fouled, check out the following findings from our top researchers:

  • 86% believe price is an important consideration in making a purchase this year
  • 87% expect to cut back on “non essential groceries” in 2010
  • 56% will spend less dining out his year
  • 50% compare prices on most grocery trips
  • 30% of grocery items are purchased at a discount
  • 26% will never again spend as much as they did before the recession
  • 39% read consumer-generated reviews of stores or products online
  • 34% have buying decisions influenced more by online consumer reviews and ratings than advertising. ZOOMology:  good reason to be in a meaningful SM effort

Information Resources Inc., December 2009, Mintel International Group, January 2010, Nielson Co., December 2009, Deloitte LLP, November 2009


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