Pitcher Ryan Cook Makes the Pitch!

In our busy lives, it easy to say we understand or empathize with someone, but do we really? 

Last night, relief pitcher, Ryan Cook orchestrated a beautiful thing with 13-year old, Nick LeGrande. Nick threw out the first pitch in Oakland at the A’s versus New York Yankee game. The crazy thing is, Nick was at the Google Fiber office in Kansas City.
It was Cook’s girlfriend’s sister. She works for an advertising agency in San Francisco who is connected to Google. It was her idea to deliver the first pitch remotely with the help of Google technology. Nick started the pitch in KC and it was finished up in Oakland with the help of a robotic pitching machine.
Nick has been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, which keeps him from playing baseball or even attending an event. His body’s bone marrow produces fewer of the cells needed to carry oxygen and fight infection.
With Google technology, a few very passionate people, a dream came true for Nick and the La Grande family. Fans everywhere were encouraged to become a bone marrow donor in a real and personal way.

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