A Super Fun Find on the 4th!

SJ Mercury July 3, 1993
We’ve been working on repairs and maintenance over the last month on our boat. She’s a classic beauty with a teak running board and lots of chrome. We even had a nip and tuck on the upholstery and she looks 10-years younger.
It started a few months ago when I was thinking of increasing my office space and wanted to cut down on our monthly nut. At that point, the boathouse felt like an expense that we could do without. So I convinced my husband that we should sell. In preparation, we cleaned her up and in the process found an old copy of the San Jose Mercury tucked away in a cubby, dated July 3, 1993. It was almost twenty years to the day.
Wimbledon: an incredible match then and now
July 3, 1993: Pete Sampras and Jim Courier were getting ready for their championship match, which was dubbed “A Yankee Doodle Showdown.” Sampras had just won the playoff match with Boris Becker. Sampras continued his Wimbledon success for the rest of the decade with the exception of a hiccup in 1996.
July 7, 2013: Andy Murray VS Novak Djokovic in the final men’s single match. Murray had an early lead and than ran out of steam. He regrouped and won in a fight to the very end. It was the first time Britain won in the category in 77 years.
Dow Jones Industrial: it’s a relative thing
July 3, 1993: Dow drops 26.57 points to 3,483. Robert Walhberg, a market analysis for MMS International said it was a pretty miserable day.
July 7, 2013: Down increases 75.65 to 15,300 points for an uneventful day.
GTE Mobile: here today, gone tomorrow
July 3, 1993: GTE advertises MobileNet with a free weekend of chat at $199.95
July 7, 2013: GTE has been defunct for thirteen years. Verizon offers Galaxy S III for $29.99. Of course, it has a few more capabilities and looks less like a brick.
Stevens Creek BMW: what’s $35,000 between friends
July 3, 1993: Stevens Creek BMW features a new 325i at $16,758. Boy, what a deal.
July 7, 2013: Stevens Creek BMW offers a 335i for $52,162.
I was hoping to read something about Steve Jobs. But at that point, Jobs was running NEXT and the world had no idea of his return and resurrection of Apple. If we only then, what we know now.
BTW, we decided not to sell the old girl. She’s just too darn fun and pretty!

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