Memories that Live

Memories that Live LongGratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. Lionel Hampton
I’m grateful to our clients for an awesome year with ZOOM. I’m also grateful to our friends and colleagues, and particularly sentimental to those that we lost.
Cathy Arterberry had worked with the USPS for almost 30 years. I met her when I was new in direct mail, and I was intimidated by her knowledge. Over the years I learned that we had a lot in common, including intensity to work and family. Cathy was unusually courageous that it inspired me to be more.
Jared Ruminson was my dentist for several years. He had a heart for missions, and traveled with his church to provide care to those in need. Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, he told my husband that he had a changed heart and that the big house or fancy cars didn’t matter anymore. He continued to help and serve others throughout his illness.
Gregg Dittoe was a dear friend’s husband. When I met Gregg he was a Managing Director with the LA Times. He had a big heart, and he was incredibly encouraging and supportive. Gregg was from the Midwest and had a magnetic nature that drew you in, and I wish we had more time with him.
Their memories will live long in my heart.
Janet Osterdock is a 15 year marketing professional and hands-on business owner with a wide variety of clients that include both B2B and B2C. Highly committed to results and service, Janet’s expertise lies in simplifying complex marketing campaigns and creating innovative solutions across many media platforms.
A regular speaker at annual NorCal USPS Postal Customer Council, Janet is well regarded in Northern California as a leader in direct mail and integrated marketing.   She is certified as a Mail Design Professional with the USPS, and as a Social Media Specialist with the Direct Marketing Association.

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