How to Salvage Old Data

salvaging old data
Integrated and cross-media marketing adds complexity to solving marketing challenges. For many, it’s appealing to throw a one-step action to remedy a situation. In the past, if there were problems with direct mail deliverability, cleansing data would typically do the trick. That’s not the case with a multifaceted database.
Recently, I was asked for a proposal from a client for NCOA (National Change of Address), email and phone append. In the conversation, it was revealed that the database was inactive and very old. The client asked if we performed a verification email, which is an email sent by a third party on behalf of someone else. Some people believe it helps to deflect complaints and concerns with SPAM. In our experience, we have not had success with verification emails, so they are not a part of our offerings. Issues with phishing are serious and concerns are high.
In this situation, we recommended an integrated approach including segmentation based on the age of the record. Keep in mind, national household move averages range from 10% – 14% per year and without a confirmed physical address to a name, email and phone append are not possible.

  • Apply intensive data cleanse, de-duplication, and address standardization
  • Run a data test to evaluate integrity with name and address confirmation
  • If warranted, invest in advanced NCOA and record append
  • Develop cross-media campaign with strong call-to-action
  • Develop sequenced messaging and follow-up engagement to develop relationships

Not to be overlooked and quite possibly invaluable, we recommended that our client collaboration with non-competitive organizations. Specialty list acquisitions and permission-based email can also be viable steps in prospecting efforts. 


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