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ZOOM Helps Make It Easy To “Age in Place.”
Not your typical support organization, this nonprofit makes it possible for seniors to “age in place”; in other words, where they want to be, in their home, doing what they want to do, and getting all the support and services they need to do it.
Great news for the children of aging parents looking for advice on the best way to care for them and help them use this valuable time to enjoy life.
This Senior Care Organization (SCO) makes their wide range of services and support easily accessible.  Based on choice, aging parents can maintain their independence, and stay physically active and socially involved. Their services are many levels above the usual fare, focused on both helping seniors face and meet the realities and challenges of aging while continuing to live full lives enriched with culture, friends, and events like wine & cheese tastings, speakers, movies, and Zumba classes.

To Reach Your Community, Know Who To Talk To
This Senior Care Organization (SCO) came to ZOOM with an all too common problem; their community was unfamiliar with, and had a limited understanding of the services they offered.  They sought help from ZOOM since they know Social Media well, are easy to partner with, and specialize in layering on to existing marketing.
ZOOM’s first step was to help them define their target market. Although SCO had been talking to both the seniors and their children, it was time to power up the conversation with the adult children.  Since SCO is not a stereotypical senior center, it was critical for them to educate this target and bring the important distinction to their attention.
Give Facebook A Facelift
The SCO staff understood the importance of Social Media, but had little expertise and limited resources.  So ZOOM’s next step, updating their Facebook page, was welcomed.  To reach out to a new audience, Zoom redesigned the page with a   younger, more colorful and active look.  They then suggested including a highly visual custom Facebook “Welcome” app to highlight and define SCO’s three key programs:

  • A community center that offers classes and workshops with flexible schedules
  • Concierge services that support the aging-in-place membership that helps seniors stay happy, safe, and connected in their homes
  • Affordable daytime care with registered nurses and licensed therapists

A second custom and highly visual Facebook app was then created to draw them into the organization’s activities, featuring the most popular events and classes like yoga, Zumba, wine tasting, and a book club. 
Ice The Cake With An Incentive

ZOOM added the final layer by offering an incentive and created a promotion called iCare Prize Drawing.  They tied in to an upcoming Caregiver Conference and leading up to the conference, and shortly after, eligible participants could enter the drawing with a chance to win one of three prizes:

  • Flip Video ($130 value)
  • One hour massage or Reiki session at SCO ($90 value)
  • Dinner for two at The Cheesecake Factory ($50 value)

At the conference SCO would have two laptops; one to feature the new Facebook Timeline, and one where interested attendees could enter the iCare Prize Drawing.
And, just for entering, they would receive a FREE VIP pass to attend an event at the SCO.  Choices will include: a Zumba Class, Lecture, Movie, Computer Tutoring (1 hr.), Improv Class or Wine Tasting Workshop.
Use Social Media To Apply A Shot Of Energy
The new design and updated visuals of the Facebook platform created a powerful shot of energy by:

  • Educating the community about the breadth of services SCO offers
  • Driving leads to an offline conference
  • Drawing prospects into the organization with a free VIP pass
  • Building and expanding the online community

Additional benefits came when the campaign turned into an organization wide effort with the members becoming excited about the outreach and experiencing pride in their work and the services they offer.
Measurable results have been impressive from the beginning, with a 40% increase in the number of likes within the first few days of the launch.
To quote Janet Osterdock, “Now that’s what I call meaningful social media marketing!” 

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