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Kathleen Kliese
Meet Kathleen Kliese, our copywriting consultant. Kathleen is an exceptional communicator with an impressive portfolio of work, ranging from writing and producing environmental science documentaries, to the advertising industry producing TV commercials, to writing business content marketing and the exciting world of screenwriting. There’s no doubt, she’s an interesting women with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon. What I like best about Kathleen professionally, is her unique ability to cut through culture in a precise and active way. She does this while at the same time, enhancing the voice and spirit of a client – now that’s talent!
Here’s Kathleen unplugged~

  • Q. What’s your fave book or movie?
  • A. My favorites change with my mood. Lately I’ve been into light, smart, and funny, so “Easy A” is at the top of my list. “Buck”, “The Matrix”, and “The Lookout” are steady favorites.
  • Q. What’s your fave food?
  • A. Tacos
  • Q. What’s your fave thing to do on Saturday?
  • A. Sleep in, then go for a nice long hike in Tahoe and out to dinner with friends
  • Q. What’s your fave online app or website?
  • A. I spend a whole lot of time on “Rotten Tomatoes”
  • Q. What’s your fave game on or offline?
  • A. Playing frisbee with my dog.
  • Q. What would people be surprised to know about you?
  • A. I’m a wanna-be dog trainer. I love everything about dogs; shows, agility, and positive reinforcement training.
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