What's your Ethos?

At the 2010 DMA, Director of Social Media at Pepsico, B. Bonin Bough, says that it’s making the world a better place in all that he does and it’s the same ethos for the entire Pepisco organization. Bough passion was inspired by a sticky note that his girlfriend placed on the wall of their bedroom about bettering the world in some small way or another.
Bough explains that the secret is in their Central Command, a glass room in which they monitor, listen and engage with the world. This information is then used to better understand and engage with their target audience. Very quickly, Central Command learned the growing concern for the world at large and launched the Refresh Project in which individuals submit a local philanthropic need in their community. Money is then granted based on the viability and strength of the request.
According to Bough, The Refresh Project has been a huge success domestically and they have begun to roll it out in other countries with an overall global interest in bettering the world. The challenge for Pepisco is understanding what this means and how best to connect with each local market. Bough expects to achieve this with the same formula = meaningful listening and engagement, much of what will takes place on Facebook.
What’s your ethos and what are you doing to live it in HD? We would love to hear from you.

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