5 Ways to Power-Up LinkedIn

Here are 5 easy ways to power-up your LinkedIn profile: 1. Link Your Profile to Your Blog and Twitter Account: It’s an easy and unobtrusive way to stay in front of your network. 
2. Add SlideShare to Your Profile: Add the Slideshare App to your profile so that people can download information right to their desktop.
3. Change your Membership Feed Settings: In your account settings, update your setting so that ‘everyone’ can see your updates.
4. Connections:  Make sure you set up your account settings so that all of your connections can see each other.
5. Update your Profile at Least 1x a Month: Keeping information fresh is important in building credibility.
One last unmentionable (only because it’s a tough one for me)…don’t just join Groups…get involved…you might be surprised with what you learn.

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