USPS Open 7 Days a Week…oh my!

Several times a week, I go to the USPS to take care of various client and business related issues. I often stand in-line waiting several minutes. Over the recent Holiday, I stood in line for more than 30 minutes only to be overlooked when I got to the head of the line. I had 15 Priority Shipping Boxes and it wasn’t convenient for the next available clerk, so instead she asked me to hold on while she take the next person.
Today I had a much different experience. No lines, friendly service and I even noticed that service hours were very convenient 9a – 7p Monday through Saturday and Sunday from 10 – 4p. I couldn’t believe it was the USPS. But it was and it was located in Raley’s, so I took advance and also did a quick shop. I learned in conversation with the associate that she was a Raley’s employee and trained by the USPS. She also mentioned that the USPS doesn’t rent or payroll and that it’s a win for everyone – BINGO!
If the USPS was a business, bet they would change their business model and ditch the stand-alone locations…you know, the ones with the terrible hours and questionable service – maybe then they wouldn’t need a bailout.

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