USPS Delivers Groceries in SF

Beyond snow, sleet and rain – USPS delivers! In China you can send a box of fruit with a solar light in the package so the fruit continues to ripen while it’s in transit.

So what’s the USPS doing? You might be surprised…
The USPS is offering residence a new larger residential mailbox designed to hold packages from online merchants. They’re also launching a handheld device for carriers for better tracking. They’re even texting recipients with delivery information and sending picture of the package.
Think that’s revolutionary – think again!
The USPS is rethinking their role as a letter carrier, and setting their site on becoming the primary delivery services. This opens doors like never before, and Postmaster General Patrick Donohue is testing several revolutionary ideas.
In May of 2013 they launched a venture with Amazon for everyday delivery. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezo, must be happy. They recently expanded the program to an additional 17 cities across the U.S. And just a few days ago, they started delivering Amazon groceries in San Francisco.
Imagine receiving a salad delivered by the USPS – luv it!

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