Even the Big Guys Mess Up!

As a direct marketing specialist the only thing sweeter than creating a compelling offer is receiving a compelling offer. Or is it?
The other day I received a letter from Comcast Business with an incentive offer. With the sign-up of an Internet service plan, I could add phone and TV service for an additional $34.90 per month. The letter was persuasive, and described how the plan could increase productivity with Internet that would support cloud services like Windows Sharepoint. I’m all ears when it comes to improving efficiencies, so this speaks to me. Or does it?
I already had Internet services with Comcast, and I just renewed my service with a 1-year contract. When I read the fine print of their offer I noticed it was only limited to new customers. The offer that was intended to incentivize me to act instead made me question my current plan.
Managing data is critical to building relationships and response rates. This offer should have never hit my mailbox, and if data were properly managed they’d have a happier customer.
How are you targeting your prospects? Are you acknowledging existing clients and offering them a unique offer? This is where many organizations struggle, and we can help.
We take a Unique Campaign Approach, and work side-by-side with you to develop the right message to the right audience. Through this process we develop an in-depth understanding of your database, including strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to develop compelling messaging, and advise enhancements for the next step.

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