Bad Habits in Texting

Have you ever sent someone a text message that was auto-changed to someone totally different? I have and lucky for me, it was to my husband and not a business associate.
Text and social media messaging is very different from email or written communication and if you use the norms from one platform on another, your message can be perceived as something completely different, so know the rules.
According to Meaghan Cameron with Reader’s Digest, here are 10 bad habits to stop doing in text and social media messaging:
1) Excessive exclamations!!!!
Your Facebook and Twitter, text updates are not as exciting as you think. Meaghan suggests that you tone them down.
2) Auto correct flubs
Check out what you’ve written before you send. Auto corrections can be funny but also embarrassing – so check your work.
3) Over initializing
“Srsly” (seriously) and Imho (in my honest) opinion maybe overboard. Lol and Omg are ok in a pinch.
4) Oops wrong person
Also double check who it’s going to before you hit send. Another possible embarrassment. However, I always think that if someone else shouldn’t see a message, than it’s probably not a good idea to send.
5) Too many back and forth
This can really be a pain. When it’s time to pick-up the phone to discuss something, please do. Also be sensitive if you’re in a group conversation not to include the entire group in the back-and-forth.
6) Long text messages
If you have to speak to someone about something important or involved, don’t write a long and involved text. This is another situation that should be discussed over the phone or in person.
7) Commenting on the single post
Every post does not require a response. Somethings, such as a break-up or change in status are best left alone.
8) “Liking” bad news
This is one that I need to be more careful of. Even though you may mean to send support to a friend about Grandma’s death, many feel it looks creepy when you “like” the news. Write a condolence or message of support, just don’t “like” the message…OK, I got it.
9) Copying information
It’s easy to copy something and repost it as your own, but don’t. Plagiarize is a crime, so don’t be tempted to do it.
10) Tagging an unflattering picture
Although you might think it’s funny to tag an unattractive picture of someone, don’t! You won’t make friends or influence peeps this way.

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