Capitol Air Show Takes Flight Part 2

Once In The Air, It Was A Smooth Flight. ZOOM’s first step was to create a button that linked directly to the entry form for the CCAS website home page. The stories that were entered were heartwarming, about warbirds and aircraft lovers alike. Participants entered stories about:

  • Veterans, many with personal experiences
  • Pilots and their love of aircraft
  • Aircraft fans of all types

ZOOM used functionality built into Facebook that automatically enabled participants to post their entry on the CCAS wall. These entries were auto-posted, unless they opted out, on their own walls; reaching out to both family and friends. With the average friend count on Facebook at 190 people, this optimized the potential to grow a considerable word-of-mouth following.

ZOOM then layered on highly targeted Facebook advertising that included:

  • Aircraft enthusiasts
  • Families with young children
  • Veterans

Strong Relationships and Increased Sales Created a Smooth Landing
The CCAS September air show was a successful, well attended, wonderful event for people of all ages, old and young alike; featuring the United States Air Force Thunderbirds, as well as aerobatics, vintage warbirds, interactive aircraft displays, and women pilots in daredevil aerobatic stunt shows.
The Facebook drawing, launched within 48 hours on Father’s Day, was just in time for the buzz. It was cost effective, and provided tremendous benefits in addition to increased attendance by:

  • Taking advantage of the larger Father’s Day conversation in June to begin a new Social conversation about an event coming up in September.
  • Increasing awareness of the event by using social conversation and authentic engagement
  • Recognizing CCAS’s current fans and acknowledging their loyalty…. always important to do and often forgotten!
  • Engaging with their most loyal fans on a very personal level, giving them a platform to share related experiences and stories.
  • Creating more fans by supporting word-of-mouth sharing and promotion.
ZOOM Media

ZOOM Media