Talk is Cheap in Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing NoiseIntegration, integration, integration…that’s all you hear these days, and it has become meaningless. Just the other day, I received a mass mailer with pizza and dry cleaning coupons. The words integrated media were next to the mailers name and logo.
Integrated marketing is not a distribution tactic, but rather a comprehensive plan across media platforms. Here are some key points of an integrated marketing strategy:
1) It all begins with a comprehensive and cohesive strategy for your objectives. This should be the keystone of your marketing outreach.
2) Next create a road map to achieve measurable objectives. Further develop it by molding and shaping outreach to refine the campaign. Understand various points of influence, and establish engagement triggers.
3) Understand platform strengths and weakness, so you can identify the right combination, and use features that best support your goals. Just because Facebook is the largest platform doesn’t make it right for every campaign.
Look beyond the noise, and stay focused on the strategy in developing marketing outreach that is truly integrated across platforms that are best suited for your efforts.
ZOOM Cross-Media is an integrated marketing expert specializing in direct mailing services, direct email marketing, social media consulting, SMS text marketing, and website content management systems. Celebrating five years in cross-media marketing.
Small Business and Women-Based Enterprise certified.

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