Too busy to live?

Feel like you’re on a treadmill?  Many of us have developed 24/7 lifestyles that are overbooked and overcommitted, feeling like we never have enough time to do the things that we really want to do or just have enough down time.
As a kid, summers meant freedom; freedom to sleep-in, play tag until 10p with the neighbors or tee-pee a boy’s house with the girls.  Summers these days are quite different.  Everything is scheduled and overbooked with many families finding their summers even busier.  Yikes, what are we doing?   Creating stepford kids?
Technology can be the beast, thrusting us into even higher levels of obligation and commitment.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, MySpace, LinkedIn, Four Square, Pandora…ok, Pandora is pretty cool…and so are the rest, if we use them to connect and do the things that we really want versus filling our lives 24/7/365 with just more stuff.
I’ve challenged myself to pull the plug on Sundays, of course, not literally.  I am however going to make it 100% a day of rest, reflection and time with the family.   Yesterday was my first day and it was wonderful, a little stressful but wonderful.   Now to mastery…I want the taste of freedom, once again.

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