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We recently lost our 15-year old springer, Flossie, to dementia. She did the normal dog tricks like sit and stay, plus a sneeze on command that we all enjoyed.
Throughout her illness she received exceptional care and support from Dr. Spellman’s Green Valley Animal Hospital.
The experience that we had with his office made me think about what makes a business exceptional. I’ve come to believe it has nothing to do with the type or size, but rather a core understanding and application of a few key principles.
Sincerity: Flossie had systems of heat stroke late on a Friday afternoon. Kim from the office stopped by our home to evaluate her within the hour.
Flexibility: Caring for a dog with dementia is demanding. New symptoms pop-up daily, and evaluating their seriousness can be difficult. The office often made same day appointments, and was always available for phone consultation.
Sensibility: From our initial visit, Dr. Spellman took a unique and sensible approach to pet care. We’ve had experiences with other veterinary offices, and they would seem to take advantage of our concerns.
These principles are often overlooked, and weaving them into a business can be complicated. However, they humanize the customer experience, and create an exceptional business model that builds loyalty and trust. Green Valley Animal Hospital clearly separated themselves from the rest of the pack.
We sure miss our little girl, but we’re thankful for the exceptional care we received for so many years from Dr. Spellman’s office.

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