Marketing to Generation Y

Gen Y Girls

Generation Y is unique from every other generation, which makes us an incredibly difficult consumer base to reach. Technology has allowed us to stream what we enjoy and block out what isn’t relevant.

We expect the best of everything, and we expect it now. We are fiercely independent, and we don’t like being told what to do or what to buy. We are increasingly self-sufficient, innovative in the workplace, and have the highest expectations for the products we purchase. Generation Y consumers collaboratively spend over $600 billion dollars each year alone. This is why it is vital that companies target Generation Y specifically.
Generation Y is the generation of technology. We’re obsessed with knowing what’s happening at all times, being able to access our friends, and finding any and all information just by clicking a button. With our phones virtually attached to us, there is a great opportunity to reach this vast group of consumers at any given time. Posting videos, images, and information consistently over social media is a great way to interact with Generation Y and market to this otherwise almost unreachable group. However, we’re exposed to thousands of ads everyday, so the way a product is presented is extremely important.
Make it stand out and make it memorable. We like to know that products that we purchase are reliable, affordable, innovative, and will enhance our lives, but we also want them to be unforgettable. Generation Y demands a new kind of marketing, and it is important to begin to understand the consumers of the future so that we can continue to invent and reinvent the way we do marketing.
Sources: Campbell, S. (2010, September 1). Marketing to Generation Y: Understanding and appealing to the Millennial Generation. Shikatani Lacroix.


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