New Osterdog!

New Osterdog, LolaMany of you know we lost our two beloved dogs last spring. Their losses came within a month of each other, and it was very difficult having their passing so close to each other. For several months we wrestled with whether to get another dog.
Then came Lola! We met her a little over a month ago, and from the moment we saw her we knew she was special. As a retired show dog, she’s gorgeous and well behaved. But that’s not what we like best about her. She clearly reminds us of our other two guys, but she also helps us reflect on the little things in life that make the world a better place.
We start and end each day with play, and if we forget she reminds us that we need to keep it all in perspective. Lola also keeps us connected to our community. With busy lives, it’s easy to have tunnel vision, and to forget about people in our community. Lola never let’s us forget the value of making a new friend.
We’re training with Val Kneppel on Saturdays. She’s a pet therapy and service dog trainer in Rescue. We enjoy hearing about the adventures of the therapy dogs she has trained, like Grace the three-legged Labrador she is preparing to work with children.
We’re going to hang out with Val to see if pet therapy might be in our future. To bring a smile to a child with an illness, or fond memory to someone in a care facility might be something we both enjoy.

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