Is Mobile Right for My Biz?

Deciding what social media platforms is an important element in developing meaningful strategy. Here is a short quiz offered by our friend, Jamie Turner of The 60 Second Marketer to help you decide whether or not to participate in mobile:
1) Customer Demographics: The median age of my customer is under 45 years old (Yes +10. No -5)
2) Physical Locations: My company has multiple physical locations (Yes +5. No +0)
3) Type of Customers: My company sells only B2C (Yes +5. No +0)
4) Advertising Budget: My company spends more than 5% of revenue on marketing (Yes +10. No +0)
5) Regional Demographics: My typical customer lives in a city with more than 200,000 people (Yes +10. No -5)
6) Company Revenue: My company generates more than $10 million in annual revenue (Yes +5. No -5)
7) Market Competition: My industry is highly competitive (Yes +10. No +0)
Score between 35 – 55 you should definitely get started in mobile media
Score between 15 – 35 you should probably consider mobile media
Below 15 your safe, no need to invest now

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