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Marketing in today’s environment is more complex than ever before. Postage increases every year, paper increases several times a year, and response rates are lower than ever before. Just in the last 10 years, we’ve seen direct mail cost increase by more than 50% while most response rates have declined by more than 50%, leaving many marketing professionals paralyzed and afraid to do anything at all. While much of this is reality, backing off outreach is not the answer. Little or no communication with our clients sends the message that we’re not interested in our clients and that we’re only concerned about ourselves which has never been the road to success.
I am launching this blog to open communication with marketing professionals and to collaborate on how best to re-energize and re-
commit ourselves to finding effective marketing solutions for our customers and best practices for our industry. But before we launch into the solutions, let’s chat about your some of your greatest frustrations and or experiences with direct marketing. You know, kind of like therapy….feel the pain before we figure out the solution.

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