Holiday Glance

The dining room table was beautifully set when Mom placed the tray on the table. My sisters and I would grimace and chuckle under our breath as Nana’s eyes lite up. It was the only time of the year, when lutefisk was served. It’s a traditional dish of some Nordic countries served around Christmas. It is made from aged fish and has a strong odor.
Osterdock ClanToday, there’s no stinky lutefisk or set menu. I envy families with strong tradition, ours is more Modern Family. The key in our household is flexibility and enjoying each other when we can. Dennis is an amazing chef and does all the cooking, while I do the prep and clean-up. I still appreciate a beautiful table, there’s no sterling candlesticks or handmade needlepoint chairs. I’m likely to grab a branch of something from the yard and place it on our hand-carved table. I wouldn’t trade our modern family for anything.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday!

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