5 Myths of Mobile Marketing

One of my fave social media mentors, Jamie Turner with 60 Second Marketer, shared the following info from a roundtable he attended with Nicole Hall with Mobilize Worldwide 
1) Everyone has an iPhone

  • Only about 25% of the populations owns any kind of smart phone
  • Blackberry, Android and iPhone are in a dead heat for market share
  • Android grabbed 41% of share in the past 6 months, compared with 27% for Apple and 19% for Blackberry

2) You Need an App for That

  • With the rise of HTML5 the functionality and feel of mobile website is nearing that of Apps
  • You will need an App if you want to take advantage of GPS or augmented reality and a few other features
  • If you want to provide consumers with a way to connect with you via mobile, a mobile website is a great alternative

3) Mobile is the Internet, Just Smaller

  • People use mobile differently from how they use the internet, for example finding info quickly, comparing prices, making decisions immediately
  • People using PC’s are more likely to surf social networking sites and play games
  • Search is twice as prevalent on mobile web VS PC
  • 1/3 of all searches on mobile are local and 70% of searches lead to action within one month

4)  Mobile is only for BIG Companies

  • 75% of all marketers are planning to add mobile to their marketing mix this year….really?
  • 3 simple ways to get into mobile: Foursquare, optimize your website for mobile, claim your business on Google

5) Mobile is just for Teenagers

  • Average age of a person who sends text messages is 35
  • 35 – 44 year olds are the most likely to have downloaded an App in the last 30 days
  • Number of baby boomers texting and shopping using their mobile phone doubled between 2007 and 2009

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