411 on Creating Shareable Content

For a long time, I thought creating shareable content meant posting bit size pieces of information on social media with a social share link. I’ve learned over time that there’s more to creating shareable content than a pithy Twitter or Facebook post. Creating shareable content requires an understanding of how your audience consumer information and how they are influenced. 
We recently created a toolkit for a group of influencers. These influencers are thought leaders in their community, and they are instrumental in educating their community on benefits and services in their area. With this understanding, we created content that the influencers could easily share with their community to improve security and safety. The kit included co-branded and multi-language material, a press release and a PowerPoint presentation. Influencers also received a kit of samples of the available material that could be ordered or downloaded online.
The toolkit was a perfect solution to a complex program. We offered professional and ready-to-go material in a variety of formats, which could be easily personalized or repurposed, as they prefer. We also provided influencers ideas and tactics on how-to-use best use our material to educate their community.

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