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Susan zip lining in Costa RicaPeople are the very essence of a company, and the best way to begin to understand a company is by learning about its people. 
Susan is one of our talented programmers here at ZOOM-Cross Media. With more than 10 years of designing and building websites; she has a broad knowledge of how the web works and how websites are put together. In addition to creating and coding original web designs, she has experience with templates, content management systems including WordPress, and social media platforms.
Susan considers the Web to be an extraordinary creative outlet and loves applying her project management, design, editing, and writing skills. She’s also a world-traveler, and enjoys zip lining in Costa Rica and go karts in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Q: What do you do in the company, and can you explain what it is?
A: I do programming! Programming is basically writing a list of commands that you want the computer to do for you. I provide general technical and web development expertise. I do web development rather than graphic design.
Susan go karting in RotundaQ: What is your favorite part of your day?
A: Figuring out problems and solving puzzles- being challenged and doing things I haven’t done before. Coming up with something on screen that is what they want. I like seeing my work online, but I like finding out that it created the result that the client wanted.
Q: Describe what it is like to work with the ZOOM team?
A: Very collaborative. It’s a very safe environment as far as brainstorming and putting ideas out and being able to say “I don’t know about that” when you have to. When creative people come up with creative ideas, I enjoy making them come to life. It’s fun!
Q: Is there a single moment in your career that stands out to you? If so, what was it, and why was it so memorable?
A: I think making the decision to go into web design has to be on the top of the list. Taking on web design was a defining moment in my career in 2003. I left my wage-earning job and had no idea how to make a web page. I showed up the next week at a community college and started taking web designing classes!
Thanks for taking the time to get to know Susan! Keep an eye out for more ZOOM exclusives.

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