Success = Change to Stay Relevant

E = mc2“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein
Most of us would agree that Albert Einstein was right. However, many are afraid or paralyzed to try something new to improve their marketing efforts. In business change is not only inevitable it’s critical to staying competitive. Just ask Motorola, who owned the mobile phone market back in 2006. They were slow to launch a new generation of smartphones leveraging their signature Razr brand. By the time they changed, they found themselves competing with the iPhone and Blackberry. As a result by 2009, market shares fell 90%.
Whether your goal is to increase sales, donations or participation, change is critical to staying relevant. Of course the wrong move could be worse than doing nothing.
5 Steps in Developing Meaningful Engagement:
1)  Speak to the numbers: Evaluate your success in detail by analyzing the numbers. Be honest in your assessment. Your greatest opportunities are typically in the details.
2)  Think value: How can you be of more value to your target? Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes will help you develop empathy and a deeper understanding of their needs.
3)  Understand integration: Using a variety of platforms is critical to developing engagement. Equally important is understanding platform strengths and knowing how to use each tactically.
4)  Be consistent: Being consistent can help you develop trust and credibility with your audience.
5) Test, measure, and evaluate: A continuous process of testing and measuring cannot be overstated.  You’re never too good for continuous improvement.
Thank you for another great year. We’re grateful for the opportunity to participating in your success! 

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