New Media 101

While many of us consider social media to be new and innovative, it’s actually more of an old style of communication. 
This morning, in conversation with a business owner, we were discussing social media and the possible benefits to various types of businesses. I could see the struggle on the other side of the table. Why would he want to launch a social media platform for his business? What would I say and will anybody listen? He raised good questions, which helped me to better understand some of the obstacles in growing my business.
I shared the numbers of a few of the big players… 267,881 fans for Pepsi and 38,381 fan of AT & T. Of course, when AT & T calls you while you’re eating dinner and launches into a pitch for a new production, 38,380 of those fans would say that call was an unwanted intrusion. So what are these organizations doing and why are people flocking to them?
Pepsi posts themed commercials with an edge and hundreds respond, they launch a video contest and entries flow-in, and saving the world…..Yes, Pepsi has pulled out of the infamous Super Bowl commercial competition. Instead they are pouring that money into various philanthropic causes in which they give cash prizes monthly for the best ideas and plans to build education, save the planet, support food & shelter for those in need and several more. They call it “Refreshing Everything.”
My business associate had an ah hah, moment and compared social media to the days when neighbors would chat and ask for a reference on who cuts their lawn. BINGO! Social media is an old style of communication but on a new platform. While we don’t have the time to chit-chat on a regular basis we want to stay in touch with our neighbors, friends, business associates, and yes, products and services that we love and make our lives better or feel better in some way or another. Social media also allows us to do this when it’s convenient to the individual, at night while we’re relaxing, in the morning with cup of java, while we’re fresh or during the day when we need a break and for some 24/7, or close to it. In addition to our day-to-days life, social media keeps us informed and connected to world events as they unfold.

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