Make that Drink (and lots more) Your Own

It started with Starbucks and has worked it’s way into the mainstream. Personalization that is, of just about everything. Alexander Chernev, an associate professor of marketing at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, said that consumers derive “additional utility or value” in doing something themselves. From your morning cup of java to your Harley Davidson, you can have it just the way you like it.
In the past, manufacturing has accommodated differences but as preferences have grown to a highly fragmented level, they have passed it onto the consumer. Liza Laibe, Senior Brand Manager of MiO, says it’s particularly important with millennials, which Kraft Foods pegs as those age 19 to 39 year olds. Forget having it your way – it’s now have it my way.
At ZOOM we embrace this philosophy in all that we do. There’s no cookie-cutter approach, but a true and sincere interest in learning your business and developing unique and personal solutions for your business.

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