It’s sometimes nice to say goodbye~

2009 was a tough year for many and saying goodbye can be a renewal and wonderful start to new challenges. My hope is that we hold on to the good things of the year, including renewed commitment to family and friends and letting go of all the stuff that keeps us away from the meaningful other stuff.
Saying goodbye to the hard ones…
55 Degrees great people watching place at lunchtime”
Circuit City  “my boys will miss this one big time”
Expo  “darn it anyway, they always stood behind their products which is a real rarity these days”
Gourmet Magazine  “the best pub for food and fashion…no I mean, fashion and food”
Linens N’ Things  “always a great place for a good deal”
Max Factor  “the edgier side of my blue eye shadow, circa 1980”
Mervyn’s  “my first job out of college in their management training program”
Pontiac  “remembering the days with Mom’s new Pontiac convertible – boy, it’s a real relic now”
Saturn  “we enjoyed our celebrity status when we picked up our Vue in Elk Grove…but what will we do without the homecoming in Tennessee even though they stopped back in 2004 – now there’s no hope, for sure”
Masque  “even though they closed in 2008, we’re still morning”

nite-nite sweet ones

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