I challenge you to a race!

Are you familiar with augmented reality? Check it out – it’s wicked cool. We recently exhibited at imarketing SF, and were inspired by the advancement of marketing technology, in particular augmented reality or AR. One of the highlights was a presentation by 900 Lbs. Creative, a Dallas Texas agency. They created an exhibit using AR at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Inspiring curiosity of all ages, patrons can race a Tyrannosaurus Rex or professional football player.
What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality (AR) should not be confused with virtual reality (VR). AR is the combination of the real world and imaginary. It is the layer-on of a computer-generated image on to a real-life environment.
Who’s using it?
Have you been to the happiest place on earth? I was always amazed at the technology that was on display. Disney is using AR in a big way. Recently, they added AR to their Star Wars Weekends, so don’t be surprised if you run into Chewbacca.
An early adopter of AR was the automotive industry. Instead of creating physical prototypes, they create a virtual component in a physical space to evaluate their design. This helps to reduce cost, and the time it takes to bring new designs to market.
Lego uses augmented reality in their stores worldwide to excite and engage with prospective buyers. Customers hold up an item to a camera called Digital Box, and the box opens in your hands fully animated and assembled.
Print and Digital Technology
One of our favorite cross-media applications of AR is at Ikea. Scan a QR code from their catalog, and use your smart device to see how the furniture looks in your home. Check it out!
We hope this technology inspire you. We’re all in favor of anything that enhances engagement.  

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