GREAT Movies: we adore!

This last weekend, my husband and I saw Big Miracle at the theatre and we loved it!

Drew Barrymore is an activist and works with national government and state and local business and community to help free a family of grey whales in Alaska. It’s a true story and gives me hope we can find common ground beyond culture and political affiliation.
Other movies, we’ve recently seen and adore and are available on Netflix on-demand:
Cinema Paradiso: Oscar-winning movie we missed first time around. Sicilian boy befriends local projectionist. Falls in love with the theatre and movie making. Beautiful coming of age story with breathtaking cinematography, music AND lots of sweetness!
Harold and Maude: Classic movie that came out when I was just a babe! I really enjoyed this quirky and fun flix. Death-obsessed teen with overbearing mother falls in love with older woman played by Vivian Pickles. You’ll recognize this lady, as Clint Eastwood’s kooky mom in Every Which Way But Loose. Scenes from the Bay Area make this extra fun for transplants.
The Wildest Dream: Documentary, told in story-type format. Conrad Ankers finds body of George Mallory while climbing Mount Everest, 75 years after Mallory’s death. Ankers becomes obsessed with learning if Mallory reached the top and recreates the climb. Narrated by Niam Nesson, Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson. Beautiful cinematography and interesting real-life facts.
What are your movie recommendations? We’d luv to hear…

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