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Wow, just watched the video of F8 with Mark Zuckerberg and friends. Took me a few sittings to watch the hour and a half video, but well worth it. Here it is, in case you’re inspired https://f8.facebook.com
The next phase of Facebook enhancement, includes Timeline and Open Graphics and it already launched – each on a beta platform.
Timeline will replace the personal profile as a modern day scrapbook of your life. Instead of your wall going on-and-on, with all information given the same amount of attention, Facebook will feature and highlight more important events through algorithms. Each user will have complete control with the ability to add and delete information, making each profile personal.
The next phase of Open Graphics will allow you to share naturally social aspects of your life, including: news and books your read, music you listen to and social games you play. For example, if you see a friend on the ticker (new side bar of the profile featuring light weight user activity) listening to music, you’ll be able to click, connect and download the music in real time.
Mark Zuckerberg and Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify feel there’s tremendous opportunity for both companies within music sharing that they are hoping to develop. Both CEO’s feel that Facebook users that share music without restrictions are highly likely to purchase music. Spotify in return shares profits with artists making it a win-win.
Important contributors to the development of the new enhancements, include Nicholas Felton an info graphic designer from the east coast. Sam Lessin an associate at FB felt there was a tremendous lost opportunity with the current profile design. To make his point, he printed his history from his own profile and taped it together. It stretched across the floor of the office and demonstrated how boring it all looked.
Netflix, Nike, Yahoo News and Spotify worked closely with Facebook to develop a more socialized app experience. Now any business or developer has the ability to engage on Facebook as they define as frictionless and with serendipity amongst friends.

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