Build Your Facebook Page with a Promotion!

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Contests, sweepstakes, and drawings can be a great way to build your Facebook page. Here are a few tips that can help you build a strong promotion that is meaningful to your business:
1) Keep it simple: anything that is too complicated will be overlooked. Facebook engagement is best when it’s simple and easy to understand, you know the KISS method.
2) Don’t make it too personal: anything too personal is a turn off and will be overlooked. I learned this when we launched a celebrity-look-alike contest around the academy awards. While the idea was fun, it was just too much to ask of someone to share with the world.
3) Engage your community in the process: if possible, ask your likes to help you make a decision. We’re doing this with the $500 Charity Give Away. Not only is it too difficult for us to select a winner, your fans will enjoy spreading the word with supports word of mouth networking.

4) Use a third party platform to manage:
I’ve seen many business, including big brands manage a contest on their wall. This is against Facebook promotional guidelines and puts your page at risk of being shut down. Use a third party app to manage your Facebook promotion.
5) Use other platforms to promote your Facebook promotion: link your promotion to your website, promote in your contest in your e-news, blog about it, and featured in your printed material. Facebook also offers paid posts and advertising opportunities.
Last but not least, let your hair down and have fun + check out our $500 Fave Charity Give Away!

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