Who We Are


Yep, you work with owners, directors and senior level managers every day. Big or small, we’re on it with the same level of energy and passion. And the result—we’ll integrate into your world and become a valued member of your team in no time.
Director's Chair

We engage our clients with guiding principles:

  • Consistently deliver quality work
  • Educate and inspire with innovative thinking and new technology
  • Build long term relationships based on trust and mutual respect
  • Always do the right thing
Janet Osterdock - Senior Project Manager
Janet Osterdock
Senior Project Manager and Dog Handler
Dennis Osterdock - General Manager
Dennis Osterdock
General Manager and Airstream Aficionado
Jan Croom - Creative Director
Jan Croom
Creative Director and Party Planner
Susan Spreitzer - Technical Director
Susan Spreitzer
Technical Director and World Traveler
Pet Therapy, Rally Competitor, and Comic Relief
Zoom Media

Zoom Media